pretty trippy stuff over at the cathedral tonight

today there was a flurry of email with a few folks from the dc bicycle advocacy scene
the thread included eric and glenn of waba and jeff formerly of waba
there was talk of weather, bikes, and a gathering at a certain street corner in the city this weekend
cameras were mentioned
lights camera and action were mentioned

I was dumb to it all until eric shined a flashlight at the writing on the wall
following this email lead I took dean over to the cathedral
it all ran a little past his bed time
I feel it was worth it

too bad we drove in the car rather than riding our bikes
the traffic and the parking was absurd
apparently an evening at the cathedral was not a completely original idea

and the tripod?

tripods-R-us must have had a sale today

everyone had a tripod

I am certain that flickr will be loaded with all sorts of images of the cathedral under a psychedelic glow

glad I went
it reminded me how much I love the grounds of the cathedral
this was a chance for me to see the cathedral as I have never seen it before
as no one has ever seen it before
dean and I loved it
Lighting to Unite was not something to miss

the cathedral is awesome
this psychedelic light show was fantastic

before kids lisa and I would picnic on those grounds
we would walk from lisa's Cleveland Park apartment with a full size Scrabble Board or set of Bocce balls and enjoy the summer night
over the past many years there have been many summer nights on the grounds of the national cathedral

lots of images
a few glasses of wine
the boys are in bed and so is lisa
lisa is getting some rest before mother's day
had there not been so much traffic at the cathedral tonight a swing through Giant Foods for a big breakfast was p
art of the plan
maybe we can make up for it with a morning rush to Heller's Bakery for some donuts
at least I have flowers and made some cards with the boys

gary would have had a field day
gary is good with the extended exposures

sunday at the cathedral is an option!
if you missed it friday or saturday
there is still a very wet sunday option

eric of waba snapped some shots from a different perspective

our view was good
had dean and I walked around to the front I would have certainly begged for more time for more photos
luckily we did not arc around

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