what the hell is a mellow johnny?

what the hell is a mellow johnny?


dcdouglas said...


"Mellow Johnny" is a play on the french term for yellow jersy, "La Maillot Jaune".

I believe riders nicknamed him Mellow Johnny since he was wearing it so often.

BTW, I keep hoping that you'll capture me commuting to work one of these days, but you never seem to take shots of anywhere but NW DC. Don't we Capitol Hill commuters get any love? E. Capitol in the pouring rain isn't easy, you know.


gwadzilla said...

if there was more time
I would wander all the streets of dc all day to capture a shot of everyone on a bike

commuters and freaks alike
and maybe some commuter freaks


it is hard for me to do it all

bike to work day may be a good chance to pass in front of my camera

dcdouglas said...

I'll be there with the rest of the Capitol Hill Peloton.

You're a distinct enough person for me to pick out in the crowd. I'll look for you on Friday at Freedom Plaza.

Me, I'll be the tall guy in business dress riding the Jamis Coda Comp decked out in commuter gear.

If you need a visual, check out the family blog: