The 24 Minutes of Big Bear

Laird Knight steps away from the main event to host the kid's race
The 24 Minutes of Big Bear
it is not actually 24 minutes long... it is just fun to call it that

my older son Dean false started a few times
to his credit Laird broke his rhythm with the
on your mark... get set... .... go!

the last false start caused a stutter
which had him a few steps behind on the run to the bike
but that did not stop him from rushing to the front of the mini pack and finishing first in the 6 and under boys

grant was hesitant
at first he did not want to race
I was not going to make him race
but I did try to sell him on the idea

at four years old with the training wheels off the bike the gravel start require some assistance
but a little push and he was on his way

the children's race started roughly the same time as my brother was expected to finish his lap
the same time that I was scheduled to take my first lap
I assisted my boys, I cheered for my boys, and I snapped some photos of my boys all with one eye on the ramp that feeds into the finish

my boys finished
I got a hug from the boys and my wife and went out and did my lap
the pride I had gave me energy during parts of my lap when I felt weak
it is an amazing sensation

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