algae as an alternative fuel? and other green concepts

Algae as an alternative fuel?

time to think outside the box
no... I am not saying get out of your car and get on a bicycle
the bicycle is not always an option
the combustion engine is part of our lives
but we need alternative fuel sources

all this talk about drilling off shore
or drilling in ANWAR
well... how about talking about alternative fuel sources?

bloomberg has a podcast on the topic of algae as an alternative fuel
CNN interviews the same plant phisiologist

GAS2 had something... but I lost it

a clip on the search for fossil fuels

green concepts...
my buddy kent spoke in reston on the topic of solar energy for the average home owner

Continum Energy Solutions

like air in your car tires...
the small things add up

green roofing? if we can not put a green roof on our house
maybe we should paint our roof white
instead of attracting the heat by having it tar black

what about the car commuters?
so many cars have removable seats
if you are not transporting anyone in those seats
leave the seats behind and save the fuel by carrying less weight
it certainly adds up

at the 24 hours of big bear I raced with Kent
or base camp was solar powered!
we had our batteries charging and electricity for everything else we needed
there was music playing
lights in the night
the power was extra handy when I needed to inflate my air mattress

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