I wanted to take more photos... but something about racing got in the way

scoring style points at mile three on lap one

matt missed part of the prologue and entered the singletrack a few steps ahead of the pack
unfortunate as I think he was gunning for a stellar first lap

TV of DCMTB found that at a race with 50 different class options
there was no real class to define his team
so they were forced to race in the JUST FOR FUN category
which would describe most of the classes
well... JUST FOR FUN and then the Solo Class which would be labeled JUST FOR PAIN

the number plate worked as a bit of a premonition
Chris McGill and his team iPlayOutside/WVMBA Dream Team finished first overall
sick times chris!
and on a single speed!

I wanted to take more photos at the 2008 24 Hours of Big Bear
but something about racing got in the way
as it turns out
I still managed to get a number of okay shots

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crs said...

Thanks for the props!! You can not tell but I have a City Bikes water bottle in the cage. My heart is in the Mountain State still but I try to represent my new town of DC/Mt.P well when possible.

Great ride by you too Joel and the team. Sorry about all the bad luck for the expert squad. Broken frames, lights...yuck!! And thanx for the words encouragement through the night laps by your guys. It was needed as I was in the "pain box" and coming un-done.