jeff schalk on a roll...

jeff schalk has arrived!

okay... what do I know
I hardly follow this stuff
yet I it does seem like every time I turn around jeff is in the number one space on the podium
and the people right behind him are not exactly slouches
chris eatough and harlan price are certainly righteous competitors

jeff just had his third first place victory in the national ultra endurance series
bad fricken ass

would this make jeff schalk an ultra endurance specialist?
where does jeff fit in on the national level of mountain bike team?
how about on the Trek Mountain Bike Team?
Trek:King of the Mountain
usa cycling has announced their world championship representatives

thoughts like this can not help but to cause some reflection back on the film Off Road to Athens
which of course not only documented the subjects' path but also acted to alter their paths
look at adam craig
he certainly could have looked back on that year and thought about what he needed to alter or to improve his results/finishes
both adam craig and jeff shalk finished last year strong and never lost momentum into this year

just thinking aloud...
thinking about things I know nothing about

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