nothing more than a jammed chain

nothing more than a jammed chain

not that I was looking to do a major repair
I did stop for a second to review the situation

unjammed the chain
went through the gears
then sent him on his way

did not check the limit screws
did not stick around to see if he knew how to use the shifters
needed to get to work
and wanted to dip through Malcolm X Park first

took the stairs in Malcolm X
my brakes were not feeling like they would do any real stopping so I mistakenly took the stairs a tad slower than comfortable
some of these things are counter intuitive

like leaning into a turn on a motorcycle or committing to a steep downhill section of trail on a mountain bike
to enjoy the stairs you have to go faster than thumping so the speed makes it so the wheels just chatter

that was the morning of a day that would prove to offer some post work fun on the bike

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