people are already starting to talk cyclocross

people are already starting to talk about cyclocross
some people have already been talking about cyclocross
some people have never stopped talking about cyclocross

the other day I was talking to jeff peel
yes... the same jeff peel whose name is to be said as jerry seinfeld would say newman
jeff and I were talking about a variety of things bike
when cyclocross came up
the notion of a more organized wednesday night practice thing
sort of a mock race format where people could get their heart rate up and work on some skills
there are camps of three or five people practicing independently all around the city
why not offer a chance for something more structured
something that may require permission or maybe a permit

I took the shot of my brother marc at the ncvc ed sander's memorial in lily pons maryland
the bottom shot is of a crash at the nationals in kansas city
that is my brother marc all the way on viewer right
I think the image may be cropped to make it more dramatic
not sure if there are bodies to his left
great shot just the same!

no links?
google for links yourself
I am going downstairs to grab a beer


GetOOTO said...

would a cyclocross bike be good as a commuter bike?

gwadzilla said...

the cyclocross bike is my commuter bike of choice

I have fenders I need to put on my bike to take it to the next level of utilitarian

Jim said...

A good 'cross bike is good as a road training bike, bad weather bike, or winter commuter and I know a few racers who use theirs on group rides and in crits.

FWIW, I heartily endorse full fenders for winter riding. Good enough for Team CSC, good enough for me. Here's a hack you can use to install full fenders without buying the heavier, eyeletted forks:


Jeff said...

I'm also anxiously awaiting the start of football season too.

There's currently a riding park in Portland being designed that will likely include a cross practice course. Why can't we have something like that here????

gwadzilla said...


it would be amazing to have some small loops

a pump course with some man made, maybe a low wooden ramps, a teeter toter, and some other stuff

then a surrounding short course loop
cross or bermed out track

I am certain that the deer, the fox, the turtles, and the squirrels of rock creek would not mind

vaughn said...

Are there any parks in the area that are suited for cx practice? I'm ready to get out now!