a response to a post I made about riding my bicycle on MacArthur Boulevard

Annie Boyd has left a new comment on your post "back to the WAR ON MACARTHUR BOULEVARD":

I got my car actually punched for me telling one of you people to use the damn bike path. Let me makes this fucking clear. Use the fucking Bike Path! Its there for a goddamn reason, mostly so that I dont kill you as you're doing 25 on a windy ass road with cars trying to get home going 45+. Not all of us have McMansions, flat screens, and 2 car garages. Obviously, you have money to blow if you're dicking around on a bike.

and thank you Yehuda Moon for finishing the debate
anyone need my response?
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J said...

"one of you people..." -Nice...

slowtwitch said...

I love the tale of your ride, your struggle to ride and the subsequent endorphin v. rage balance you strike in doing the ride. I feel you entirely and I live in the Burbs!

fight the fight!

Icon O. Classt said...

So, everyone and everything should get the hell out of her way because she either refuses to or is incapable of paying attention to her driving?

Obviously, she has money to blow if she's dicking around in a car burning gas at $4+ a gallon.

Hey Annie, I've got a suggestion: slow the fuck down and start living. And get used to seeing cyclists out there; there are more and more of us riding everyday. We're not going away.

Russ said...

Another sign of the intellectual black hole that cars have pulled us into.

I wonder how many emails she/he will get from this.

can I leave a mean response to her stupid one???

dcdouglas said...

What a nutcase!

I love that comment, "obviously you have money to blow if you're dicking around on a bike." What kind of halfbrained comment is that? Maybe you're dicking around on a bike because you're too poor to drive a car up MacArthur Blvd.

Another point...isn't the speed limit on MacArthur Blvd 35 mph in the District? Why does she mention doing >45 mph on a windy road?

Jeff said...

Sorry Annie, but the speedlimit on MacArthur is 25mph. Maybe you all should just slow down.

Oh, and while you may not have a Palisades or Potomac McMansion, I've seen the housing prices for even modest homes out that way, and you ain't doin so bad if you can afford to live out there.

gwadzilla said...

feel free to sent Annie an email
be diplomatic
be direct
be yourself

and feel free to place your rebuttal comments here as well

and of course
share this post and any others with any and all who you feel may find it interesting

riderx said...

Annie obviously has money to blow since she is burning petrol in her car and doing 20 over the speed limit. She should hop on the Metro and clear the road for cyclists.

gwadzilla said...

punching a car is wrong...

punching someone in the face is also wrong...

but I know where the cyclist is coming from

I also know where the car driver is coming from
and well
I think the car driver needs to rethink their approach to life
they do not get it

gwadzilla said...

I need to do two things...

re-read this piece
go for a rush hour ride on MacArthur Boulevard

Rocky6 said...

What a blog she has.

She's an angry young lady. Too young to have learned restraint on the Web. She should hope her employers don't find her site.

Sadly, she recently lost a pregnancy. Perhaps when she does become a parent she'll better appreciate the dangers of rapidly dangerous drivers such as herself.


Phil said...

I checked out Annie's site to try and get a sense of what kind of person has that kind of anger in their lives.

Gwadz, you are right. Hitting a car is wrong. But, she provoked the cyclist by yelling an obscenity. She is the one who ignores the speed limit.

The road is shared space. It is the public commons. It'll get crowded sometimes. It only works when we all keep our cool.

Phil said...


Annie Boyd said...

I love fan mail... keep it coming.

Annie Boyd said...

A whole post where people can opine and bitch about how I'm a horrible human being and that I was speeding (I never said I was doing the speed limit, folks... must have taken a large magnifying glass to catch that!). I also never said I was in the district... in fact, I gave the intersection in Maryland, and the top of the post is even called, "Maryland Sucks". I've already answered the cute "You're burning money buying gas" crap. What a horrible argument. I buy gas because... wait for it... I have to. You buy a bike because you want to. Difference. And dont give me that "I cant afford a car" crap. The folks who cant aren't wearing the latest in lycra fashion. So screw that one.

It was said that I should learn restraint on the web. Ha! Thats cute. Its a blog, folks. This is what this is for. My employers shoudnt find this site... well, I try to hide my identity. I realize that I have linked the blog to my blogger account, however I did that specifically so that these folks would find it. As soon as all this crap is over, I'll de link it. In the meantime? This is too much fun. Also, I never mention my employer, or any of my coworkers by name. Have fun pinning it on me.

Another thing. I'm not ignoring the speed limit if the ambient speed of traffic is 45. I'd like to see a cop try to enforce 25 on that road. If i'm getting my ass eaten by an SUV trying to get home, then I'm just as bad as those fucking bikers.

And one final thing... dont ever mention my miscarriage in relation to a fucking bike blog again. That shows a lack of decency the likes of which I cannot fathom. I would make an analogy... but I cant bring together the correct words to describe just how rude and disgraceful that is.

I'm done with all of you. I've said my peace, and you've obviously not agreed. In the end, we've got the cars. Have fun.

gwadzilla said...


editing copy is not my strength

but I do think it is fair to say that

annie said her piece

in no way did she ever try to make peace

in the words of rodney king...
(and I cut and paste from the WIki Page)

People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids?...It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice....Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to work it out.

Sprudeln said...

I'm a biker and public transportation user (just try to find parking here - let alone deal with gas over $9 per gallon). I understand that when a bike lane is available, that's where I'm supposed to be.

Why would you not use a bike lane when it's there? I don't walk in the street when there's a sidewalk.

I'm all for sharing the roads and driving courteously when no bike lane is there. But on those rare occasions when I drive, I too get annoyed by bikers in the street when there is a bike lane two meters over.

Same logic goes for drivers who encroach on the bike lanes - you aren't supposed to be there so stop driving there.

Rocky6 said...

The so-called “bike path” is in fact a “multi-use” path that includes foot traffic. Many cyclists avoid the path because they do not wish to tangle with or endanger pedestrians. In addition, the path suffers from considerable debris, stuff that may not bother walkers, runners or even slower riders, but does make riding at speed unsafe.

There is in fact, no “requirement” that cyclists use the path, as implied by Ms. Boyd. Indeed, cyclists are legally permitted to use the roadway and generally seek to share it cooperatively with motorists. There are, of course, sad exceptions to the cooperative spirit exhibited by both cyclists and automobile drivers, highlighting Gwadzilla’s call for trying to get along.

Jeff said...

Sprudeln- The issue here is that MacArthur Blvd. does not have a bike lane. It has a multi-use bi-directional sidepath. This sidepath is cracked, pot-hole ridden, glass and mud strewn and too narrow in many places. Irregardless of its condition, its construction was not very well thought out, and chicanes, climbs and criss crosses the road in a way that is not conducive to cycling.

Even your average recreational cyclist can travel at or about the speed limit on the road, and it is a popular scenic route for many recreational cyclists. Unfortunately it is also a major suburban arterial to one of the more affluent areas of the DC Metro Area that is inaccessible by public transit filling it with self-important people such Annie who feel entitled too break the speedlimit and endanger other roadway users.