time to look at the numbers

time to look at the numbers...

I have scanned the web... but not sure if there are any photos of myself
Icon O Classt pegged me dead on

who doesn't spend monday morning after a race thinking about the race weekend past?

the walk through the office and the how was your weekend? can bring more information that a co-worker was looking for
but I guess that is what the blog is for
to dump that shit here so not everyone needs to hear it
it does not always go that way
sometimes I feel the need to spread the good word of the bicycle
I try not to be a missionary
but I do like the missionary position

still tired from the long race weekend
today at work was a long day... knocked out a good deal of stuff after staying a few minutes late
no ride today... no need for a ride today
too hot to really spend more than the two blocks to eat lunch and two blocks back for photos
the heat and humidity in dc today is opressive
sending back to my air conditioned cube
and keeping cyclists from doing nothing but the mandatory cycling about
this is not the day when a co-worker says oh, this is a nice day for a bike ride

big bear went well
I feel good about my performance
I feel good about my numbers
I am not that into the real technical junk
but I do like to day dream about the numbers

I like to take my times and compare them to other racers
see how I do against fast strangers and fast friends
mess around with the numbers to see how I would do as a four man team of clones
or is that a four man team of clones
yes... low hanging fruit
I am a victim of the lowest common denominator humor
okay... the people around me are the victims of my lowest common denominator sense of humor

sibling rivalry will be part of the number analysis
I drove out to the race with my brother marc, we camped together, and we raced together
I thought after my eight minute late arrival for the final lap that we would be returning to DC in separate cars
but luckily I hid the keys and finished in a fashion where my rookie error did not effect our standing

Operation Crush Kegley is a blog that deals with what appeared to be a healthy rivalry based around competition
I may need to go the opening page to get a better idea of the original trajectory

Chris Redlack raced Duo at the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms a few years back as a team called Rivals and Friends

be back... going to play with the numbers still have not played with the numbers going to play with the numbers tomorrow the kids were more difficult to put to bed than I anticipated

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riderx said...

Granny Gears web site is cool for looking at the numbers. Cool to see the fastest 20 laps for your class, view overall standings, etc.