the weekend is behind me...

the weekend is behind me...

last weekend was the 24 hours of big bear
this weekend was a mellow father's day weekend
avoided anything that resembled work or responsibility all in the name of father's day
the only time on the bike was with the kids on the trail-a-bike
which was fine... the body is still tired from last weekend's effort
riding was fine... racing would not have been a good option

the work week is ahead of me
starting to get my game face on
need to get my head ready for work
also need to start thinking of what racing is ahead of me
lots of talk about the 12 hours of cranky monkey
but not sure if that is where I want to put my energy
the 12 hours of lodi farms and the 24 hours of big bear may have me looking to take a relay race break

as my mind drifts about the topic of racing the thought of bikes also comes to mind
each idea is as stressful of the other

City Bikes was good enough to loan me the Specialized Test Bike
the folks at City Bikes and the regional Specialized Rep are cool enough to offer me the chance to try out the Specialized Stumpjumper 29er... it is all a matter of us matching up the bike's availability and my available time

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