at least now when I go... it is not on my bike

at least now when I go...
it is not on my bike

-AUTO ZONE commercial during le tour

auto zone commercial on youtube

this is a funny little commercial
especially since it airs during a cycling event

this commercial could have a different spin
it could have a sequel

what if it were these rides out to this old abandoned car that introduced this young teen to the bicycle and his natural inclination to riding
maybe he could develop into a bicycle enthusiast or better yet a world class racer
this car could be used to take him to and from the races

instead... he spends his hard earned money and his personal time to rebuild an old gas guzzling clunker
the real life sequel would not have this young man celebrating wearing the yellow jersey at the tour de france
but instead this same boy grows to become an overweight american male
over eating at tailgate parties while cheering on his favorite nascar racers
now as a car owner... he never rides his bicycle again
driving this old rust bucket that in not only fuel inefficient but lacks the appropriate braking power for the driving styles of modern man

more than likely this boy who once rode his bicycle forgets what is like to be on the bike on the right side of the road
drives his car passing cyclists too fast and too close
unable to empathize with the person on the bicycle
too focused on driving no where fast

(sorry I had to say all that... I thought that putting that initial thought with the words and the youtube link on the page would send people's brains in that direction... but I could not hold my fingers from saying more)

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