ETJB said...

Gwadzilla LUVS madonna

Jim said...

What he said: "I need to put my failing marriage behind me to improve on my hitting."

What he meant: "On Madonna."

What he said: "I intend to still be a good father to my first born, whatsername, and the baby my wife just popped out a few weeks ago, and I will pay child support."

What he meant: "as infrequently as possible."

What he said: "I still love and respect my wife, it just wasn't working out."

What he meant: "Ah, hell, no I don't. When Newsday caught me with that Canadian stripper, I think it's pretty clear that I don't love or respect my wife. I did speak truthfully when I said it wasn't working out though."

I'm a lifelong Yankees fan but I can't excuse this guy's behavior, and I'm not referring just to his mildly freaky-deaky indiscreet sex life.