coming from Yoga

coming from yoga
down dog yoga

I think she is one of the instructors


Icon O. Classt said...

Note the pedalcop in the first pic, riding the wrong way down the street and forcing the lady rider further out into traffic...nice!

gwadzilla said...

I saw that

leading by example!

riding MY WAY!

slyness said...

The cop is the very first thing I saw in the image as well, which is unfortunate due to the intent of the imagery. Does anyone else think it would be worth forwarding to the local precinct of the area the image was taken? Attached to a very nicely composed email asking that greater attention be paid to normal biking practices and laws?

Biking and Yoga.. Two great things that go great together and make the body happy! Awesome.

gwadzilla said...

please do not forward any of my emails to any law enforcement

the law is very sensitive about having their picture taking

I was not trying to catch anyone in the act

just taking a photo of the city scape

the message is that Bicycles Bend the Law
just as anyone else does

yes... biking and yoga
a beautiful combination!

I could keep a full blog about double parking cops going into McDonalds
but that is not my objective

slyness said...

"the law is very sensitive about having their picture taking"

Ouch. Is that a symptom of living in Washington D.C.? There aren't any Citizen Driven Police accountability channels to make such a suggestion to the local law enforcement. I guess you could do it without any pictures.. "I've notice... such and such... " Or.. it can be ignored. Guess that's the way it goes.. Hope no one gets hit in your neighborhood avoiding oncoming police officers on bikes.

Not trying to cause ruffled feathers or defensive comments.. just making an observation on the situation.

james said...

I already have a blog about double parking cops going to mcdonalds.

Icon O. Classt said...

The email idea is no good because: a. I ride and BREAK THE LAW, so asking the cops to behave makes ME a hypocrite, which makes me no better than they are, which places me very low in the evolutionary hierarchy, somewhere around the porcine plateau, and b. DC constables (and those in the suburbs) ignore complaints from citizens. Hell, most of them park in the bike lanes to give tickets and all of them ignore cars that double park in the bike lanes.

Cops do what they want; it's why they become cops.

Jim said...

As usual, The Big Lebowski has the final word here. In the words of the great Walter Sobchak, "For your information, the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint..."

The law may be nervous about getting their picture taken, but unless they have some valid rationale (e.g. national security event protective security measures, sensitive military installation, undercover operator, etc) they don't have any valid legal reason to prevent you from taking their pic ad publishing it. It doesn't matter if it makes them feel uncomfortable. It's your right. The answer to Juvenal's question, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" ("Who watches the watchers?") is "all of us. Right here, right now." Transparency on the part of law enforcement agencies is how the public can police the police, and have faith that the police are doing the right thing, that the cops have nothing to be ashamed of and law abiding innocent people have nothing to be afraid of.