Dirt Rag... always a pleasure to find Dirt Rag in the mailbox

Dirt Rag... always a pleasure to find Dirt Rag in the mailbox

Joe Whitehair has a few words in the latest issue
a bike review and a trail review
while at Patapsco on Sunday Cargo Mike and I were thinking we should tag along with Joe for a Patapsco Epic
it would be cool to be shown the full potential of those trails

Dirt Rag Covers

saw Maurice at the Thievery Show on Saturday
saw him... did not chat him up
gave him his space
I must say... I did like his socks!
archive that would require scrolling down


riderx said...

Thanks for the plug.

Because of limited space in the print issue the Maryland piece was trimmed to Patapsco only. The Frederick area trail info can be seen in the online version at the bottom of the page.

gwadzilla said...

I was curious why there was not even a mention of Gambril and Greenbrier

Greenbrier looks like a blank slate to me
if IMBA could get in there and wave their magic trail building wand I bet the parking lot would be filled

with the ever growing Mid Atlantic mountain bike population

more places to ride would not only spread the riders out
but it would slow the impact

riderx said...

Gwadz -
We (M.O.R.E. folks and Frederick area locals) are working on plans to build more (and better) trails at Greenbrier. The park is receptive. Some basic ideas are mapped. We are working through the stages which can be a long process when volunteers are doing the bulk of the work (planning, negotiating, digging, etc.). Everyone is short on time and the process through the govt. can be slow as well. Regardless, there are plans and lots of cool ideas and bringing IMBA in is on the list of things that will hopefully happen. But before that, planning and approvals need to be met. And of course $$$ will need to be obtained, IMBA doesn't work for free.