memorial for fallen cyclist alice swanson


last night The Washington Area Bicycle Association hosted a memorial for Alice Swanson
Alice was killed on her bicycle as she traveled to work earlier this week

due to a conflict in scheduling I was unable to attend
but like so many others I was able to pay a visit on my own later that evening

my words on the issue have already been posted
a glance around the internet and it is seen that a great deal has been said by so many others
friends, co-workers, and college associates all have words
then there are the strangers like myself who feel a kinship due to the linkage to the bicycle

Google News + Alice Swanson

Google Blogs + Alice Swanson

Blacknell.net has compiled The Facts of Alice Swanson's Death

while you will have to scroll down Megan McArdle's page to see how the the car culture continues to show their ignorance and their hate

there are many more... but you will have to find them on your own
I lack the time and energy to get into these electronic sparing matches
it would be like playing chess with a child with downs syndrome
that said... I would rather spend my time with that hypothetical child than to listen to another car driver spew their illogical perspectives

funny... man proves that evolution ended long ago
while the de-evolution of man continues

and from The Wash Cycle

was counting on more images from Wrenching in the Gears
an overhead perspective from a street lamp or a roof top would have been good

WABA'S Ghost Bike Dedication to Alice Swanson


Icon O. Classt said...

Check your email.

dcdouglas said...

I noted that one of Megan's commenters complained about cyclists on MacArthur Blvd despite the 15mph bike lane with "traffic going 50+ on a curvy road".

A further commenter noted that the speed limit was 35 mph.

Stay safe!

gwadzilla said...

the war on mac arthur