note to cigarette smokers...

note to cigarette smokers...

your filtered butts add up
just because you do not see it as trash it is still trash
that trash adds up

thrown to the curb and right into the gutter
the stuff in the gutter goes into streams and creeks
then the rivers
then the bay
then to the market, the restaurant, and your plate

lisa and I walked to columbia heights tonight
we ate outside
patio dining at the heights
we watched the sidewalk city traffic as we sipped drinks and had some dinner

lisa had tuna
I had crab cakes
which means I had crab cakes and tuna
and a steamed mussel appetizer


even without consideration of The Bay and your dinner
the cigarette but is trash
as small as it is
life is cumulative
it all adds up
do the math... how many cigarettes a day?
what would the mass be if in one place at the end of the year?
substancial enough that it is more than you would throw out of your car window all at once?
please think...


james said...

Worse than cigarettes in your crabcakes is dead crab on your plate!

gwadzilla said...

thanks hippie.

james said...

no problem bloodmouth!

james said...
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ridethewomble said...

Who in the hell do they think picks those things up? Anyone who throws a butt on the ground clearly has never experienced the joy of picking up other peoples' cigarette butts on an Army police call. It makes me want to find the meanest sergeant major I can find, so I can line these selfish jerks up, and make 'em choke back the disgust as they pick up soiled butts.

Is the sense of self-entitlement so great that they think "low class" cleaning people deserve to pick up their spittle-flecked trash? Infuriating.

Rocky6 said...

Cigarettes butts have unusual status in the trash world. I bet most smokers would never through a gum wrapper on the ground, yet many don't hesitate to toss the butt. Odd.

Fritz said...

Yehuda Moon had an encounter with a discarded butt the other day. And in my local paper this last week somebody's convertible caught on fire after a discarded butt landed inside the car and ignited some papers on the floorboard.

ridethewomble said...

I want to add to my earlier comment, and make sure I distinguish between smokers and people who throw butts on the ground. When I see someone throw a butt on the ground, I know they've never had to pick 'em up. I appreciate the actions of the majority of folks who take care of butts correctly.

gwadzilla said...

yehuda got it good
not only did he get his beard burned
but he got no respect because he is a cyclist
that comic cracks me up
I have gone back to the beginning and read each and every one of those comics a few times
I like to let them stack up and read a couple at a time

I appreciate people doing the minimum that is expected of them
from many that is expecting too much

some will pick up litter
it would be great if some did not create litter