put it back in the routine...

I need to put it back in the routine...

I need to weigh myself in the morning
I need to watch what I eat

would like to lose a few more pounds
it would be good to lose a few pounds

calculate your BMI


Rick said...

The BMI neglects the amount of muscle one has.

Jim said...

I'm extremely obese. I think the computer locked up when I entered my weight.

Damn. And here I was thinking I was just fat.


Ps. I'm not sure that's properly calibrated to body types. After a 3 month bout of dysentary some years back - bag dog kabob or fermented goats blood - I was down to about 193 or so, and looked like Christian Bale in "The Machinist." I was still considered obese on the BMI. It doesn't change the fact that I'm still a fat f*** today, but it does remind me that the BMI doesn't cope with body type variation very well. I'd take it with a grain of salt... which the Heart Association will also tell you is very, very bad for you.

Lee said...

Thanks, I'm officially fat!

gwadzilla said...


I had an alternate image that showed two figures at 200 pounds and six feet even

one body builder body type
and one happy american

they were each measuring the same by these calculations

the mirror and the scale are all I need to see that I need to lose weight

the original big ring said...

i've know for quite some time that I am a fat f*cker. since my big race out west and being sick i've been sitting on my arse way too much eating - already 4lbs over my start weight. poohey . . . going to get me another bag of chips.