sometimes it just is not an option

sometimes it just is not an option...

just as I was unable to race the first wakefield due to work
I will be unable to race the last wakefield due to work
life can go that way as an adult

this sunday past was the fairhill classic
I played it by ear
things went in such a way that racing on sunday was not an option
in fact... things flowed in such a way that riding sunday was not an option
no mountain bike ride... not even a road ride
life can go that way as an adult

some people got some riding in on saturday
only not me
I chased on foot with the camera
no bike time for dad friday after work, saturday, or sunday
it was not so bad as time off the bike can be as healthy as time on the bike
friday and sunday involved some vigorous splashing in the pool
by splashing I am not speaking of my doggie paddle stroke
just the basic splashing

not sure how the Fairhill Classic went
the trails are there and the race will more than likely be hosted again next year
so there is nothing to fret over
I can ride or race there another time
life can go that way as an adult

on saturday I took the boys to layfayette elementary school
we phoned ahead and picked up a vace pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni
orange capri suns and three icy cold water bottles were packed
with the bikes in the car we ready for a hot summer day at the park

the 14 foot tall metal daisy sprinkler thing caught the boy's attention
in fact stealing their attention from an excess of pizza
I suggested some bike riding before the sprinkler
another bite of their pizza was offered
the notion to ride the bikes first was accepted
the bite of pizza was denied
the late breakfast and the mid day heat left them eating far less pizza than expected

it was an afternoon that involved a variety of kid time by kid design
early on I let off the guiding and let them script their day's course
grant was intent on setting the record on most laps by a four year old
while dean got to try out the GT BMX bike that chris merriam and family has loaned us
the boys went from playing in the sprinkler to following the river or erosion caused by a backed up drain at the base of the daisy sprinkler water park thing

I altered between taking photos of the boys and lying flat on my back watching the clouds swirl overhead with a blade of grass in my mouth
I expected to stay longer but when the boys expressed a desire to go home
I respected their heat and humidity soaked wishes

it was a fantastic weekend
lisa had to put in some serious overtime at work over the weekend which gave dad a little extra dad time
it is good when dad gets a little extra dad time

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sean said...

I and others really want you there at WaW for the last race. Give us a chance to take back our chips. I understand commitments, but the opportunity to chase you is the motivating force for many of us to show up. Me included.