summertime... it has its rituals

it has its rituals

got out of work early to pick up the boys

one of the classic code red style days
I was spent
thought about setting the boys up with a movie
but instead I took them swimming
it was just what the body needed

did not have dinner until late
but we had a snack before getting in the pool
the boys were wanting to ride their bikes when we got home
but dinner had not yet been eaten and it was a time closer to other people their own ages bedtime

watching some old loney tunes cartoons
on dvd you can hand pick things
fun for a short sampler of the classics

sipping some ricard
ricard and le tour are a traditional summer combination for me

I say ricard it is actual pernod
the language and the culture are unfamiliar to me
the wiki page has an interesting time line of this drink's history

the rabbit of seville will be our last cartoon of the night

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Icon O. Classt said...

Ha, Pernod = ersatz absinthe...I like it too, man.