yes.... that is a flat

josh... josh... over here!
don't look at the camera j
ust look forward

better yet... look back dramatically at the rear wheel

it is so hard to get the models to do as I say

no I do not have a tube
yes that tire is flat

the request for the tube would have been granted
odd that he did not stop for a tube at City Bikes just a block prior
guess he did not want to waste full price on the tube
but... what about what I paid for the tube

considered offering patches and glue
but I thought that I best be getting home and josh can solve his issue his way
just last week I was rolling up the same way
only after trying to pump it up and ride home did I have to pull over and swap out the tube
had the patches and glue but was not looked for the extra minutes to all the glue to vulcanize*

*gwadzilla understands that he is at risk for misusing a technical term but gwadzilla is confident that Icon O Classt will roll through with a quick edit the bumble bee correction seemed loose when it appeared that the insect of that genus and species is indigenous to Great Britain and Ireland

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