Alieve Commercial: Move on Up

just saw an Alieve Commercial on the tube
was curious who the original composer of this song was

I was most familiar with a rendition of the tune by the jam
yet there was something that had me thinking that it was a cover
sure enough

by the jam
by curtis mayfield

both are pretty happening
but it is important to remember that the jam version is just repackaging cool
it is still cool
but it is repackaged cool
I do not mind repackaged cool
it the over produced under cool that irks me

this is a version of move on up where they take the tempo down a notch
the jam is pretty much a clean cut punk band
so it is not odd that they start and finish in a third of the time as the original
move on up slowed down
curtis mayfield on the wiki page

following the tangent...
freddie's dead by curtis mayfield
freddie's dead a done respectfully by fish bone


gwadzilla said...

I never know...

are these posts created in vain?

do people listen to these songs?

is my time all for not?

Anonymous said...

No its not thanks I was looking for this