fenty on a smart bike

fenty on a smart bike

nice photo opportunity
I like fenty
but I would also like to see some drastic changes in this city
superficial changes can have a ripple effect
both on the side of good and on bad
I would like an effort to see some changes for the better

some of this should be easy
so much of the city could be cleaned up

green space should be green
there should not be a stretch of land that runs along the sidewalk with dead earth
as superficial as it may seem
I think that every inch of urban earth should be as fertile as it can be
where foot paths have been created by foot traffic
well.. the people have spoken
keep the beaten path
keep it earth... do not pave it
keep it soil... then flank the trail with fertile soil with life
grass where grass should be

this should happen on the mall
this should happen in rock creek park
this should happen around schools in the city
this should happen all over the city

there are people already on the payroll that can do these things

in my neighborhood I have felt that such superficial changes would alter car behavior as well as the willingness for people to pollute
if the city respected it more
the people would respect it more

recently I have started to wonder what is going on at The Argyle
the bodega/convience store at the corner of Park and Mount Pleasant Streets has a weird vibe
the adolescent kids that hang out front seem menacing
the bike rack that was out front has been torn from the brick sidewalk
the doorman security looks like he got jumped and beaten down hard

clean it up

those superficial changes should be easy
broken things should be fixed
clean up the city schools and the city parks
the kids deserve to be in a surrounding that inspires them
trash begets trash

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