Fort Reno with the Family

Thursday Night... Fort Reno with the Family

packed my Timbuk2 bag with multiple Bike To Work Day water bottles filled with ice and water
sliced up some watermelon
grabbed two frisbees, some nacho libre masks, and a blanket
we packed in the Honda Element then drove out to Fort Reno park in Tenleytown with a slight detour through Chipolte

the boys had not been to Fort Reno since last summer
the Thursday prior Lisa took them to the National Zoo for their summer concert series
I figured we should gather together and have a picnic by the stage and listen to some live music at Fort Reno before the summer's end
The Alex Daniels Band*, no relation to The Charlie Daniel's Band, was playing which offered a bit more of a draw

as the music played we moved between eating, throwing the frisbee, and racing
the boys had a blast
lisa and I had a blast
the boys impressed me with their frisbee tossing
their wrestling over the frisbee was to be expected.... these things happen when you run around in Mexican Professional Wrestling masks!

when darkness fell we snacked on sliced watermelon
the boys had no desire to leave
so I had them race... the races did not tire them
the night energized them rather than wearing them out

these are the things that make summer great
glad that this evening was part of our week
glad Fort Reno is part of our summer options

Fort Reno Summer Concert Series

(they are not really concerts... they are not really shows... they are really just gatherings of people around a stage... on the stage musicians play music... around the stage people hang out)

*The Alex Daniels Band's song "Satan went down to Florida" is not a cover... it is an original... the dueling mandolin is in no way a rip off of the battling fiddles of The Charlie Daniel's Band

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