No... this is not DC CYCLING CHIC

No... this is not DC CYCLING CHIC

it would be cool if there were a DC CYCLING CHIC
but this is not it
it is not here
as great as the other sites are
I feel that this one is more
this site is more...

yes... more
not better.... more
just more

the other sites are awesome...
inspired... and awesome!

today I traveled to Europe and then back to the states
when back in the states I went up and down the coast
then I traveled straight across the country
it is an amazing network of communication that this electronic world has created

through these many sites it is fun to look at the similarities and the differences

across the pond amsterdam http://amsterdamize.blogspot.com/ paris http://www.bikeinthecity.com/ then back here state side boston http://chiccyclist.blogspot.com/ san fran http://velovogue.blogspot.com/

I would list more I did visit many more but if you just chase down the links and follow the comments you will find amazing photos of people and their bicycles all over the United States and potentially all over the World

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