results the gym...

results the gym

this guy was burning some calories while spreading the good word on Results The Gym
and the massage services at this boutique

we also spoke of the bicycle boutique that opened in Georgetown

I need to look into that bicycle boutique with massage
as I never to experience the relaxation which was Golden Spa

sure I could use it... but it has never and more than likely will never be my thing


Jim said...

Riding a stationary bike outside on a beautiful day may be the dumbest thing I've ever seen captured on film. Why in God's name would you do something like that, when the road (and trail) beckons? "Here, have these plastic grapes for your snack. They don't taste as good as regular grapes, but they never go bad and you can get them during the winter."

Now if they had the aerobics class out on the sidewalk, different story...

gwadzilla said...


that is exactly what I said to him after I took the photo

then telling him how it always amuses me that people are running on tread mills or exercise bicycles when it is a beautiful day outside

the gym works for some people

I am not one of those people