Rushmore the movie... timeless

Rushmore the movie... timeless

this movie is a timeless classic
it is also presented with a weird feeling of time

pop culture is invisible
the cars... the clothing... the music...
it does not give us a hint of when things are occurring
the music is Mod R&B from the 60's
the cars and bicycles are old
and the relationships and the language of the students do not seem like modern day

the movie blurs this information
but the information is also presented

the movie takes place at the time the movie was written and produced... the mid-late 1990's
as revealed by the age of the main character Max and the date of the death of his mother
she died when he was seven... according to the grave stone she died in 1989
or something to that effect... I did not take notes

fantastic film
Rushmore on the Wiki Page

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