fight the power

fight the power!
fight the power!

don't get me wrong
I am not looking for Professor Griff to become our next president
yet I am looking for change
I am ready for a black president

black presidents?

black quarterbacks?
black coaches for professional football teams?

shit yeah!

hire the best man or woman for the job
fight the power by public enemy on youtube

lets be honest with ourselves
this culture has come a long way they may allow certain things
but sadly... I do not think that they are ready for this
I am looking for the best person to step up and represent
and that person happens to be black
it sickens me to think that such a thing is going to dictate decisions

this is not professor griff

okay... I do not know shit about professor griff

let me go to the wiki page
and well... let me get ready for bed

get out and vote
unless you are voting for the other guy


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