I will need to read further to find the answer...

i love marc vettori
marc... everybody loves marc

marc is an inspiration
his energy for the sport is only rivaled by his contribution to the sport
but I have a question
I thought I read somewhere that Marc will be racing as a Killer Bee this cyclocross season
a Killer Bee?
Marc Vetori a Killer Bee?

he was looking pretty spry at the fifth annual July Fourth Independence Day Cyclocross Practice!
and that was not just in his coaches eyes
the power meter data verifies things

I will have to read more deeply through his pages
I love the yarns he spins
maybe if I give his blog more than a scan I will find the answer to my question


okay marc... this next one is the beer talking...

if the sport of cyclocross has call ups
maybe the sport of cyclocross should have call outs

I am not calling you out
I am just busting your chops

I love Marc Vettori
even if my wife things he is cute in an old school 90210 sort of way


gwadzilla said...

I felt bad before I typed that stuff
it hurt me to type it
it hurt even more to push PUBLISH AND POST

it hurt me because I feared being misunderstood
it hurt me because I feared hurting marc vettori's feeling
I do like marc and I consider him a friend
if I knew him better or saw him more often I would bust his chops in person

instead I make this crass comment from across the room in what can sometimes be an electronic cocktail party

in the words of fatmarc


respect to marc vettori

gwadzilla said...

I feel worse for this than when I called Roger Masse a Sandbagger at Charm City last year

great job at the Shenandoah Mountain 100 Roger!

fatmarc said...

you made my day man.
thanks for the props.

see you soon.

best to you.


gwadzilla said...


good luck this weekend

I am going to be local
working saturday...
was scheduled for sunday but just learned that they do not need me sunday...
either way Charm City Cross race for me
will spend the day doing dad thing