it is anarchy

it is anarchy
it is anarchy and it is chaos
the cars are behaving like bullies
no one should behave like bullies
the bully behavior is a great contributor to the lack of order which is anarchy

when the pushing starts it causes others to push
this pushing puts people's backs to the wall
ready for to push back
locked and loaded
leaving some quick to push

it does not have to be this way

the ripple effect of how we behave on the streets permeates are lives
this is how we are interacting with other people
the behavior is ugly
ugly behavior begets ugly behavior
it makes people angry
angry builds upon anger

the damage from day to day does not get washed away
every day is not a new day
there is residual baggage from the day before

it does not have to be this way

it is anarchy
it is chaos

it does not have to be this way

control the car chaos
there will be less anarchy
control the cars and order will fall into place

unrelated image to another rambling is by Ikon O Klasst
the image... not the mixture of words

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