run... walk... run

run... walk... run...

this morning I spent a few minutes working my calves with the stick
the stick much like the back ball or the exercise bands that I trip over all the time yet seldom use
but... these things must be available and within view or else they will never be used
much like setting up a hammock to relax... it just does not work

yesterday I rode straight home from work with the intention to run with the dog
well... my energy was as low as my ambition
since the task of walking the dog was a must
it only made sense to up the activity to a run
since I have not run in a few weeks things got down graded to run... walk... run
or more accurately.... run then march in long steps up the hill only to run and then march some more
as important as it is to go out and get a work out
it is equally as important not to hurt myself
cramping calves and twisted ankles are to be avoided
lower tempo on the infrequent runs makes more sense than attempting a vigorous work out
it makes sense to build up to the vigorous work out
thinking of starting to run during lunch a few times a week
trade the camera for some running shoes

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