walking back with the flat

a rookie mistake...
stuck with a flat
caught without the right tools to make the simple repair
luckily the journey is the destination
because we did not get anywhere near the Air and Space Museum

we did get to hang out
we did not ride as much as expected
we did not get to the museum
we talked... we laughed... we explored the city
we had some rare one on one time

early in our ride while still in Mount Pleasant just blocks from my house I felt that feeling
a car approaching fast which became a car following too close
that car tried to make a pass
unable to make the pass the car drifted back behind us
there was no way that they could pass and make it to through the four way stop sign intersection without running me and my four year old son down

they followed fast and close
they honked their horn
then they yelled at me as they slowly rolled through the stop sign without making a complete stop

they may have yelled about my not stopping at the stop sign at the stop line
not sure... as I was too busy waving good bye with my middle finger to listen
had I stopped I would have been rear ended and run over by this close following car
odd that they would chastise me for running a stop sign that they themselves did not stop for


usually people pass the trail-a-bike or the trailer with the same concern that they would pass a woman pushing a stroller
odd that the respect for life ends at a certain point
I guess 18 years of age is the cut off
people yield and slow for children until they hit 18

then there are those like this tailgating asshole that yields to no one

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gwadzilla said...

I should have left the shadows on the image of Grant with his back to me...

that image is out of place