the bad karma bike...

the bad karma bike...

I could go into this at great length
but that does not seem necessary
as tempting as it may be for someone to buy a bicycle in the park
this is a serious NO-NO!
it is not a deal!

buying a stolen bicycle perpetuates a vicious cycle
if no one buys the stolen bike
there is no market for the stolen bike
thus people will steal less bicycles
the same goes for hot components

I do not want anyone messing with my stuff
why should I contribute to the actions that mess with other people's stuff

buying a stolen bicycle is just a hair away from stealing the bicycle yourself
in the eyes of the law (or the owner of the stolen goods) possession of the stolen goods is a crime punishable by law

my soapbox for the morning
I will step down now

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Rocky6 said...

Agree completely. It bugs the hell out of me when people post on Craig's List or elsewhere about how they "recovered" a stolen bike by buying it from the thief and now they want to find its rightful owner.

The thief, meanwhile, has cash in his pocket and is on the street looking for his next revenue-enhancing rig.