bless me...

bless me body for I have sinned
it has been over a year since my last yoga session

today I went for a hard sixty minutes on the bike
not necessarily fast but I was pedaling hard

when I approached Fort Reno Park for an afternoon of cyclocross practice I felt I had a few minutes to spare so I stopped by the AYC: Ashtanga Yoga Center to grab my mat
I had run into David of the AYC while doing some rogue mountain biking a few months back
there was talk of yoga
there was also talk of picking up my mat
I wish I had been stopping in for a yoga session but instead I was grabbing my mat
so that maybe I will be inspired to practice some yoga at home

with my massive air craft carrier size yoga mat strapped to the outside of my pack I rolled over to Fort Reno Park
sure enough... I was early 5:29
I sipped a soda as I waited for the bikes to roll in
I sipped and I waited
I sipped and I waited

a hawk in the distance entertained my mind
but once the soda was gone I figured I best be on my way
feeling less than inspired I figured I might as well roll back down town
no I did not take a lap on my one
my legs were pretty fried
had there been a wheel to chase I would have fought the malaise
just could not get motivated to loop around solo

back on the roads and it did not take long to be inspired
when I pulled out onto Reno Road in front of a cab that Barwood Cab 442 cut me off when making a pass
I gave him the bird and he gave the bird right back
there was my inspiration
I attacked
he mouthed off as I passed
he got the requisite DICKHEAD as I rolled past
then I made a series of cat and mouse passes on the cars in front of him
then left them all behind

finished my work
now I am about to head home and watch the debate

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