guest photo by Paul

guest photo by paul

dean and freddy ride their bikes in the newly opened park at the waterfront in Georgetown
dean is messing around coasting while standing on one pedal
both boys are already out of their soccer uniforms and dressed for an afternoon of baseball

when I invited freddy and his family to our Halloween Party a day or two prior to the event Freddy's dad offered a plan
seeing that both Freddy and Dean are on the same baseball and soccer teams he offered to entertain Dean for the day while Lisa and I finished prepping for the party

so in the early AM Freddy's dad Paul picked up Dean and his bicycle and headed off to their soccer game at Carter Baron, then to Georgetown for some bike riding, then to Lafayette Elementary School for a baseball game then back to the house for the party

although I have not gotten the full details of the day Dean, Freddy, and Paul all shared little tidbits that painted the image of very adventurous day

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