support your local artist.... ya know... I need to support my local artist more

support your local artist....
ya know...
I need to support my local artist more

my walls are not quite bare
I could definitely spend some time filling in the blank

there are images of my boys that I have wanted to have printed or blown up
and I have some art that has been given to me that I need to frame and hang

on top of that
I think I need to try and buy art that I like

these are tough times for everyone
especially the starving artist

it always impresses me when someone has the vision to see something through
be that person an artist or an athlete
the sacrafice to take the unorthadox path to achieve that goal is an admirable one

for some reason I have a history of hanging out with a bunch of cigarette smoking artists
lots of musicians and lots of painters
I guess this aids for me to be the fastest cyclist among my friends

I grew up in an area that was conducive to a certain level of productivity
artists with intelligent and original ambitions
many of which stuck with their artist vision
some of which maintain their creative ambitions on the side
while others have been able to keep their creative ambitions as their center

if you like it... buy it
buy that cd at the show
don't be afraid to get that t-shirt from the merchandise table at the local show
when shopping for gifts for friends consider buying art by local artists

I know I have been talking about commissioning a portrait of my dogs
maybe it is about time that I stop talking about it and actually do it

I am pleased that I bought a few of the pieces by Jack Wittenbrink while in New Orleans
I need to frame and hang his pieces
his paper cuts are very cool
I dig his word
and I dig his process

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