you need a bike... you got a bike... a program that could change the world!

you need a bike...
you got a bike...
a program that could change the world!

it is simple
there are lots of bikes going unused
especially in an affluent area like Washington DC and it surrounding area
that area extending as far as where people say that they are from Washington DC when they travel

if people were to donate the bicycles that are going unused in their garages and basements
then these bicycles were put in the hand of those who could not easily afford a bicycle or could not easily prioritize the purchase of a bicycle

it would change the world!

who is ready to start this?

this article talks about Bike Sharing on College Campuses
or so I think... I hardly skimmed it



Deb said...

There are some programs in the area already. Such as Phoenix Bikes in Arlington and Mt. Ranier Bike Co-Op. I know it isn't strictly DC, but within 3 miles or so! I seem to remember hearing that there had been a bike co-op (or something similar) in DC that folded a couple years ago.

The great thing (imo) about both these programs is that people have to "earn" the bikes by helping to fix them up, and so in the process they learn how to maintain the bikes.

I think it is a great idea to have more co-ops/programs like these. They almost have to be community based, so a network of them is really what is needed. You might want to start by talking to people with these two groups - they might already know people who want to start something in DC, and would likely have some good advice in general.

I might know some people who'd be likely to want to get involved also.

As for who is ready to take on the task of starting it...that's the more difficult question!

gwadzilla said...

yes deb

you are correct!

thanks for the links to Phoenix Bikes and also the Mt Ranier Bike Co-Op

I had not heard of the Mt Ranier Bike Co-Op~!

that is exciting!