Adam West's Last Stand

Adam West's Last Stand
this Saturday night I did something I do not do often enough
I went out to see live music...
it was not just live music... it was rock and roll
I went out to see my old friend's band Adam West, a rock band heavy on guitar,


the day had been exhausting...
early morning battles trying to get my four year old to join me on a trail-a-bike ride left me in the living room playing with legos
morning blended into afternoon and we had plans at the John Eaton Block Party
at this block party I worked the DINOSAUR DIG booth
and of course there had been morning and afternoon hikes with the dog
the day was exhausting... luckily I was able to sneak a late afternoon nap before what I knew had the potential of being a late night on the town

the boys went to bed with the usual set of arguments with the usual set of results
kids win and parents lose

with the boys finally asleep and in bed I suited up for a night on the town
I knew I would be riding my bike
had to decide if I wanted to be in my well worn cycling shoes for a night walking around a bar

the math was done in my head... okay... leaving at almost ten... how much further past midnight could I stay out?

so I got suited up in a comfortable mix of street clothes and cycling gear and mounted the old karate monkey single and headed across town
a few blinking lights and a niterider head lamp and I got across town over spinning my single past a
great number of cars most of which passed me without reason so many of which passed me unnecessarily fast and unnecessarily close
I arrived to DC9 pleased to see that it was packed

there was no bicycle parking immediately out front
so I crossed over to the other side of the street to lock up my rig
when I entered the bar I was intrigued to see a number of familiar faces

vinny and colin were both there with an assortment of other familiar cycling faces
the young folks were there to see THE SHIRKS
while I was there with the old folks to see ADAM WEST

on the recommendation of vinny I went upstairs and caught THE SHIRKS
dam straight! those boys rocked!
that was some heart pumping, foot stomping, fist waving rock and roll!
I was pleased that I followed that advice and caught the action that I would have otherwise ignored

then as there was the changing of the guard
drum kits taken apart... drum kits being assembled

I started to recognize some familiar faces from circles that surround Adam West
it amused me that I never knew that Mario had been playing guitar for the last two and half years with Adam
guess that is a measure of my support of the last many years

once everything was set in place the band began to play
the drums, bass, and guitar played a deep dark powerful instrumental song as an intro to the evening
the band played this dramatic intro with a vacancy by the mic
then Adam West's lead man Jake Starr took the stage
the power then took a classic Spinal Tap twist and turned things up to ELEVEN!

the volume and the speed engulfed the crowd
power melded into aggression and passion ADAM WEST HAD BEGUN THEIR LAST SHOW!

the band fueled off the energy of the crowd
the crowd fueled off the energy of the band
like one large black clad amoeboid mass of rock and roll

things were fast and loud while also being melodic
this is a band of powerful progressions where no instrument drowns out the other
the band members stand strong alone as well as being powerful in support of the others
there were songs with moments where each musician was able to showcase their own personal power
drums... bass... guitar... and throat
all together now!
and then one would take the forefront of that amoeba brain

the band seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the crowd
it was a good night for ROCK AND ROLL

the transition from song to song did not allow anyone to come up for air
the energy kept on going
the band played on
the set was solid and the set was long
but the set never seemed long

there was a short pause but not a dramatic pause where front man Jake Starr thanked the crowed and questioned the break up.... or more so... questioned where the
fans had been for prior performances
because clearly if every show had this level of enthusiasm then there would be no reason for the farewell show

in between cans of cold Schlitz I snapped a few shots

the crowd was packed in so tight that I could not get in front and center
took what shots I could from where I could muscle in
I am pleased with the results of the trusty point and shoot
it was a good night
glad I was there to support my old friend
but I was also glad to get out and have a good time listening to some good old rock and roll

the end of the night came and I threw my leg over the bike and rode home drunk as a s
ailor on leave
it was the classic scenario of moving about the city like one of THE WARRIORS trying to get back from Coney Island
I knew that if I was drunk and a little out of control than it would be foolish not to assume than anyone else out on the roads at this time of the morning was in a similar state of being

when I got home a few minutes past three I found my spot in the bed occupied by two small boys and a black dog
so I ate a few slices of pizza and climbed into the bottom bunk in the kid's room

the next morning lisa was understanding and let me sleep late
my ears are still ringing a little bit from Saturday evening's performance...

good stuff
time well spent

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Anonymous said...

Out till 3? Riding home drunk? That's a whole lot of trust and understanding from your family.