back and body

the back and body are doing better...
thanks for asking

the crash on the bike on Saturday was minor
well... as minor as a kidney punch from Mike Tyson

the soreness and stiffness are starting to fade
things started to heal in such a fashion that I did not feel that this crash merited a visit to the doctor

I expect to be back on the bike in an athletic fashion by the weekend
riding to and from work feels fine
but the thought of throwing my leg over the seat in a cross race does not feel like an option
nor does hammering through a rock garden at Gambril sound like something that my back is ready for
but my standard day to day routine is not being hindered by the stiffness or the soreness
and my short commute and my pre and post walks with the dog are also able to occur without pain
so I think I should be able to enjoy fall and all of its mountain biking splendor in one fashion or another this weekend

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