Bicycle Commuter Tip: Bath Basket/Shower Bucket

Bicycle Commuter Tip: Bath Basket/Shower Bucket
this is a tip I need to implement for myself
I have all that I need at work to clean up and take a shower...
but I do not have an actual Bath Basket/Shower Bucket
looks like I need to make a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond!

SOAP: Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap!
it is like an espresso for your skin
SHAMPOO: if you have hair... I don't so I just use my soap... Dr. Bronner's works for my scalp
Mirror/Razor/Shaving Cream: if you shave regularly... I do not shave regularly... but i have that stuff in case the work day demands that I do not look like I am morphing into a wolf
Deodorant: yes... you need deodorant... you may like your essence... but no one else does... except maybe your dog and your dog sniffs other dog's asses and likes that as well
in addition to deodorant I like to keep some Gold Bond around for when I do not shower but I need to freshen up a bit

Archie McPhee


Grendel said...

Cats like your essence too. My cat likes to try to bathe me during the summer when I get home.

Your Name Here said...

2nd on the cats liking stinky stuff. Gracie is cute, fuzzy and truly a dignified lady cat... until she gets in the presence of something truly stinky.

Her personal fave is my 4-year-old Sidi mountain biking shoes. Upon getting home from a ride, she'll stick her whole head in the shoe and get two lungs full of eau de pied as though it was her crack fixx.

On the topic of the bath bucket... Don't forget a bottle of spray bleach (Tilex or the like). If the showers at work are anything like the GSA-administerred showers in the Ronald Raygun building, they need a good spray of bleach every week. I'm about the least squeamish person I know, but there's some serious Carl Sagan primal ooze in those showers.

Shave? What's that? Oh yeah... I shave about 10 minutes after my wife refuses to kiss me because I'm too bristley.