a bit of a lazy monday...

it is a bit of a lazy monday

I am at home with a beaten back and a sick child
Dean had a fever and a projectile vomit session yesterday
no... it was not an overdose of Halloween candy
but it may have been an overdose of Halloween

today has been a day of recovery and a day of repair

dean is doing pretty well but has not eaten anything more than some toast and some gatorade
as we learned that even the slightest ingestion was projectile rejection later in the day

I have not done much more than shuffle about the house like an old man
gathering and setting up laptops
making and cleaning up snacks and food

banana and pomegranate were refused by dean but eaten by me

the day has been lazy

we started with some Duplo then moved quickly to Lego
Dean has been good about cleaning up before starting the next task
Lego went to books then after Dean read me a few books we moved to a movie
Dean is watching the wind up of Rattatoulle while I blog
each of us looking into the screen of laptop on makes shift chairs on the living room floor
laptops along side of each other on a foot rest

the last book that Dean read was one of the many books we have by actor/writer John Lithgow
clever books with big words
tough for the young reader but not impossible

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