listening to the clash

listening to the clash... right now I am listening to the clash
it has been a while since I have listened to the clash
london calling
it has been especially long since I have listened to london calling
I had pretty much forgotten how much I love the clash

will listen to a few more songs before I hike the dog

want to catch my breath before I walk the dog
want to catch my breath before the kids get home

shot straight home
did not do any distance on the bike
this weekend I need to get some distance on the bike

I have a number of records by the clash
including a bootleg or two of the clash live or in the studio
stuff my brother bought at Choice Cuts in Bethesda down the road where the spot where the Sunshine House house once stood
those records migrated from my brother's room to my room when my brother left for college
an action that my brother will never let me forget
an action that my brother some how makes me pay for every couple of years

he always hits me with the you have my Richard Hell and the Voidoids and my Dead Kennedy's Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables albums... can you spot me for lunch and we will call it even
he uses that one every two years
so much money has changed hands over this that my brother should give percentages to the bands as royalties

I have a number of my brother's records
I may also a turntable that once belonged to my brother
yes I have said it before but I will say it again
I should set up that turn table
then I can listen to my brother's records on my brother's turn table

I wonder... I wonder if I will play any of the albums I purchased and never played
I think I should
the record covers that could inspire me should be framed and hung on the wall
I should google for some nice frames with mat that are the size of a 12 inch record


gwadzilla said...

Skynyrd, The Doors, and The Who may have migrated as well

but not until both of us were out of the house and my dad was trying to clean our shit out

gwadzilla said...

listening to Skynyrd Now

Darren said...

I have a working turntable that plays 33,45, and 78. I have a bunch of wacky stuff from the sixties I got for free and used in sound design in theater in College.