passive versus active activity...

passive versus active activity...

we are a sedentary culture
so often a person puts SPORTS as a personal interest
then when you try to discuss sports with them it turns out that they are a fan rather than a player
that is a dramatic example of passive versus active activity

fishing is an activity that can be passive or active
even active fishing tends to be pretty passive
yet a pleasurable activity just the same
fly fishing is far more active than dropping a line in the water with a worm on a hook and a bobber at the surface

people need to take life from the passive level to the active level
in all areas of life

interestingly enough driving has become a passive activity
the way that cars drive take the driver out of the equation
no one is in touch with the car
no one is in touch with the world around them

people are set in auto pilot
just drifting down the road

it boggles the mind how people drive
for the most part people do not modify their driving to meet the variables around them
when they do re-direct the trajectory of their car it is usually in the form of steering rather than braking
why are people so adverse to braking?
why can people not slow down their car for pedestrians?
why can people not slow down their car for cyclists?
honestly... I get tired flipping people off each and every day

be an active driver rather than a passive idiot when driving
turn off the television
shut off the computer
get in the game

this rant made much more sense as I rode my bicycle into work
had I had the time to jot down my thoughts then things would have come out differently
but instead... this is what you get
hardly worth typing
hardly worth posting
definitely not worth re-reading and editing

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