this morning while walking the dog...

there is a blog post potential about BIKE LANES
but... that will have to happen another time
instead... just enjoy the site of a family starting their day with the bicycle
taking in the season

it seems like yesterday all the leaves were bright yellow and bright orange
now the yellow has turned to orange and much of the orange is turning to brown
fall is rapidly slipping into winter


Jeff said...

Given where you live, I think this is the first picture of a cyclist on your street I think I've seen. Seems like a sunny Saturday morning would yield hundreds of photos, but I guess you're out riding yourself.

For what its worth, I don't think the bike lanes on your block helped cyclists at all. If anything I've had more conflicts with motorists since they were installed. Have they served their traffic calming purpose? Any anecdotal evidence of motorists slowing down since they went in, since I'd be shocked to hear that Ddot had the presence of mind to do a before and after speed analysis.

gwadzilla said...

sunny saturday mornings are spent living life

I am either on my bike or doing stuff with my family

the bike lanes did have some positive impact
more on this later

there is talk of some changes on this stretch of road

but the people making the plans are not exactly forward thinkers