Cat and Mouse at the Capital Cross Classic

Cat and Mouse at the Capital Cross Classic

sometimes we race to get at the front of the pack

sometimes we race to stay in front of the pack
sometimes it is the race within the race
sometimes it is just a race to the finish

sometimes finishing is enough

this year I have watched my brother race in the Masters Elite Category a few times
it is like a pro wrestling match
I know some of the faces and I recognize some of the uniforms
I have come to know some of the names
there is no doubt that was a tough day on the bike for anyone who raced at the 2008 Capital Cross Classic

it was cold and windy on frozen earth with competition that was on fire!

it looked like a tough race in the Men's Masters Elite Category
I did not stay for either the Men's or the Women's Elite in fact I did not even stay for the finish of the Men's Masters Elite... had a date with the family to get a Christmas tree
it looks like Wes Schemph wore his Batman cape again and flew away from the field
while the results finish the story that I did not witness the finish of for the Masters Elite
yes... a glance at the names and the numbers in any and all of the categories tells the story of a to
ugh day on the bike

not only is the Capital Cross Classic part of the MAC Series but it is also the last race of the season and the Mac Series Championship which means that the energy is turned up a notch

all the other races I attended this season were part of the MABRA series
it is known that the MAC races are a tad faster

not sure if it is our southern drawl but it appears that cyclocross gets faster as you travel further north up the East Coast

I have been meaning to visit some friends on a weekend that corresponds with a New England Classic
heck... a good course without classic crowds may even be better

the cyclocross season is over
and well...
I have a feeling some of those cross geeks are already starting the count down to the next cross season while plotting and planning what they will do differently

for me... I raced four cyclocross event and had a blast at all three
my results were my results
I was pleased with my efforts
nothing glorious
but not a bad input to reward ratio

ttp://midatlanticcross.com/ is the home of the MAC
http://www.mabra.org is the home of MABRA Cyclocross

that looks like Cory in an NCVC kit at the top of the MABRA page
good seeing Cory at the Capital Cross Classic... we had a laugh before the race
Cory was hanging with the wrong crowd
MikeK peer pressured Cory to take my bike and hide it while I was in the bathroom before lining up for the start of the Masters B
guilt through association
sorry Cory... it is not cool to hang with the Cool Kids!
MikeK is a mountainbiker and a bad seed!

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