CHANGE DOT ORG: Ideas for Changing America-Promote Bicycle Transportation

it is a disorder
I write stuff and refuse to proof it
the extrovert in my can be beastly at times
the energy controls me and I give in to the momentum
sometimes I need to slow down...

let me re-read this

okay... back
I read it... it is fine
I could have expanded on each sentence
wanted to be concise in case someone cared enough to read it

CHANGE DOT ORG: Ideas for Changing America-Promote Bicycle Transportation


power to the people
take it to the streets

the innovations of the japan are wonderful examples
this country needs to be re-examined

for a decade the car culture dominated the mind of america
pushing for larger and more luxurious

people go from their offices to their cars into their houses

there needs to be some change

the bicycle can change lives
dying on the bicycle can also change a life

the streets need to be made more safe
people need to learn to behave
now... not everyone needs to get on a bicycle
all I ask is that those not on bicycle to respect those on the bicycle
it is that simple

a little common sense
a little common courtesy
this would make the world a better place

the dedicated keeper of a bicycle blog from washington dc

a look at that blog could change your life
I know keeping it has changed mine

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rhonda winter said...

Promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation is the answer to so many of our country's problems. It is an incredibly simple and cost-effective solution as well. How do you think that we should get started?