the final blocks of my post work ride

going down Park Road by Sacred Heart Church just about where Columbia Heights becomes Mount Pleasant I pulled my camera from my pocket and snapped this shot on the move
was not sure what the low lighting would allow
the image is pretty accurate to what I saw
it all happened pretty quickly
good to get the shot
but it is more important that I did not drop the camera

well... most importantly I did not crash my bike or get hit

no post work ride tonight
there was the short straight immediate pedal home
not enough to constitute a work out
not enough to even consider calling a ride
just enough to break a sweat
it does not take much to make me sweat

got home and greeted the family
then slipped off all things bicycle and suited up to walk the dog
the boys were already eating dinner... enough had not been cooked for the whole family
so I directed my focus on the dog
it was only six pm and the walk in the woods called for a headlamp
it was a short quick walk in the woods

the darkness brings silence
the urban activity brings white noise
a string of red lights weaving down Beach Drive in one direction
a sting of white lights weaving down Beach Drive in the other direction
an occasional unnecessary honk disrupts the moment

the dog gets a breath and escapes the madness which is a house with two young boys
while dad gets a post work break before trading one world of chaos for another
the dog brings me to a place I would not normally go
the walks are a sanctuary for me
not every walk is a cathartic experience
the epics are infrequent
each season has its moments of glory
by walking my dog each and every day I get to witness each and every moment of each and every season

have to break away to be a dad again...
more later

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