this gentleman has been on the page before

this gentleman has been on the page before
when I snapped his photo the last time I heard an utterance about the taking of a stranger's photograph and the freedom of the country
I snapped this shot at a distance in a semi stealth mode
not covert... but mildly subtle
as I got closer he made the same statement
the exact same statement
something about this being a free country and how does it make you feel when someone takes your picture

I am not positive
sometimes I am way off base
but I think he was talking about his taking my picture
I glance at him while he stood along side a semingly spiffy full suspension bike, an iPhone, and what appeared to be some sort of camera tucked into a hat on his head
like he could shoot video

now... I am not positive
but in my short passing I tried to piece together what I saw
it seemed that this man's behavior was on the radar of the Special Service/Secret Service whatever police that monitor the area around the White House
so he was on his iPhone calling the Police about how he was being followed
it unfolded fast in front of me as I passed

my snaps stopped as I went on my way
I had an agenda and did not have time to concern myself with this odd situation with this odd behavior
my guess... this guy is a regular
the officers on duty have met with his behavior before

I wish I could remember what he said with the exact words that he used

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