it was cathartic
it felt good
in fact... I am not sure when I felt so good in recent times

the day prior to the Inauguration of Barack Obama on my way home from work I was soaking in all the energy of the city

when passing through Dupont Circle I slowed for this GIVE BUSH THE BOOT figure
it was amazing
at first I stepped back and watched
snapped a few shots
then I was drawn in
it was fantastic
throwing those shoes gave me a certain feeling that I can hardly explain

Jacquie Phelan has some words about shoes and walruses that may interest you


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Cathartic..no extra "c". Not sure what you were going for; if it was a portmanteau, I think you should explain. Just sayin'...

gwadzilla said...

oh man... Ikon O Klasst has me GOOGLE-ing words again