in at the wire... my guess... REGISTRATION IS FILLED!

not sure...
I have not gone to the registration page... it was not me who registered... but I am registered
I am registered along with what I estimate to be 400 other racers for the 2009 Baker's Dozen
but fact checking is not my strength
so I may be misinforming you

not sure of the total DCMTB Mountain Bike Team Members are registered for this event
but I do know that Darren Biggs took control of the situation and spent some time juggle-ing racers and setting up and then registering four teams

I will be racing with Cargo Mike and Tom MacKay (Family Bike Shop fast kid)
I think my brother is on a fast old guy team... Darren ended up on a coed team
and there are a few others
we should be well represented

for Darren to pull things together at the last minute was vital
had I waited till I had gotten around to it I do not think I would have made the closing bell
I am pretty sure that this race has reached its maximum

2007 Baker's Dozen Video


last year I missed the Baker's Dozen due to a trip to Santa Cruz

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